Saturday, August 25, 2007

LA's Welcoming Arms

I have finally completed the move from South Carolina to California. Los Angeles welcomed me with two attempts of vehicular manslaughter.

Where the trip through the different states of the West was mostly serene, LA highways are insane. It would appear that turn indicators, sanity, and survival are negligible here. Our first encounter was with someone who obviously didn't understand that "Two solid objects cannot occupy the same space and the same time." Luckily, my dad was on top of things.

Then we stumbled upon a game of tag. A new-looking truck was chasing a new-looking SUV. The SUV cut across three lanes to an exit; the truck followed like the good lemming it was. Well, the SUV changed its mind and cut back into the center lanes. Unfortunately for the truck, the "Exit 9C" sign was in the way. But it didn't seem to mind as it blithely took it down and sent the sign flipping towards MY car. I declare the sign the loser.

At least I know my heart got a work out on the trip.

Total Miles: 3,158.3
Total Gas: 100+ gallons
Total Days: 7