Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Quotes Keep Coming.

“Demi Moore? She's on one of those 'you look fabulous covers,' 20 30 40, whatever. She looks good...for the age she'll admit to.”

“The two things you don't lose the Academy to is Jews. And the holocaust.”

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's a Small, Small World

So Roomie and I were relaxing after an excruciating week of Grad school. We literally sat on our couch as watched episodes of Alias and Arrested Development all day. I'm not exaggerating. There may have also been a drink or two thrown in there. Somewhere along the way, we started recounting our random exploits pre-UCLA. We got on the subject of Washington D.C., which is where my roommate's parents currently live.

Roomie's brother is a Yale student; he's uber connected in the rich, influential people arena. We got on Facebook and started looking at pictures of him, when we came across one that was the brother and his two best friends. I looked at one of the friends and said, "Jamie W. Wait, I think I'm friends with that guy!" She looked at me and went, "No way. He's my brother's best friend. They're rooming together next year, there's no way you know him." And I went, "Um, pretty sure I do. Let me check my facebook."

So I logged on and, sure enough, there's Jamie W. We're friends. See, a couple of years ago my best friend and I went to D.C. We were sitting in the Library of Congress when these three guys walked up. They were looking for directions to the Courthouse and asked us if we knew where it was. So we gave them directions and they started talking to us. We figured out pretty quickly it was totally an excuse to hit on us when one of them (the Jamie W in question) told us he was from D.C. and had lived there all his life. Katherine and I exchanged an amused glance and continued with the charade. We ended up going to a party somewhere in D.C. and having a pretty good time. Added the guys as Facebook friends and pretty much forgot about them until the other night. I think I rocked Roomie's world a little bit. Because the chances are high that I actually met her brother at the party we attended. Small world, huh?

Oh, and the three guys totally tell the story of how they picked us up. They refer to us as 'The Smithsonian Chicks.'