Sunday, August 29, 2010

Live Blogging the Emmys

This should be FUN.

I'm primarily watching KTLA's preshow, though I occasionally jump to NBC's.

3:50 - Aaron Paul (BREAKING BAD) deserves an Emmy. Actually, all of BREAKING BAD should get its own Emmy called the UNTOUCHABLE BAD ASS OF TELEVISION Emmy.

3:54 - Terry O'Quinn & Michael Emmerson (LOST). That is all, bask in the awesome.

3:58 - Sharon Gless (BURN NOTICE) is AWESOME. I can be her when I grow up?

4:03 - Ew. Do not like Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls. Get off my screen.  (Also, I do not care about AMERICAN IDOL.  Bleh.)

4:05 - "Snob appeal?" What about the fact that MAD MEN is utterly fantastic (though not as good as BREAKING BAD).

4:05 - LOVE Judah Friedlander's (30 ROCK) hat: "Best Undressed."

4:10 - "A pair and a spare" Sophia Varga, Steven Levitan  (MODERN FAMILY) and his wife.  Michael Emmerson, Terry O'Quinn and Carrie Preston (TRUE BLOOD and ME's wife) made a better 'pair and a spare.'  Also, MODERN FAMILY should win over GLEE.

4:15 - Ugh.  To LL Cool J *and* NCIS: LA.

4:17 - Connie Britton! (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS)  Great show, great actress.

4:18 - John Goodman was fantastic on TREME.  Great show.

4:24 - FYI, I'm reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo whilst ignoring my TV.

4:30 - Patrick Stewart is a glorious man.  (He's nominated for HAMLET.)

4:46 - I really like Scott Bakula (MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE).

4:59 - Jane Lynch (PARTY DOWN/GLEE) deserves an Emmy simply for being awesomecakes.

4:59 - January Jones (MAD MEN), WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!  D:    D:    D:


5:06 - Kate Gosselin is harshing my Emmy vibe.

5:06 - Guest comment: "all we need now is Colbert, and this would be perfection."  True Story.  Great opening number.

5:08 - The obligatory CoCo reference.  Took you long enough.

5:09 - Are we going with a video game theme?  Neat.

5:11 - Again, Jon Hamm + Betty White = Genius.

5:13 - YAY MODERN FAMILY!  Stonestreet totes deserves it!  Haha, I like the commentary.  "...and a clown.  Apparently these are the same job in Kansas."

5:19 - Jim Parsons (BIG BANG THEORY) and Sophia Vergara (MODERN FAMILY) - wonderful!

5:21 - YES MODERN FAMILY.  YES.  Looks like Julie Bowen may end up streaking Sunset after all...

5:24 - Sir Dr. Stephen Colbert IS a National Treasure.

5:25 - JANE LYNCH IS LOVE.  One of the few GLEE Emmys I'm happy to see.

5:32 - Sad they pushed the Guest emmys to the afternoon, but yay Betty White!

5:35 - Meh GLEE (best directing for a comedy).  Whatevs.

5:36 - HA! Modern Family/Family Guy crossover FTW!  Love Modern Family SO MUCH.  It's actually increasing with these spots.

5:38 - I want Jim Parsons (BIG BANG THEORY) to win Best Male Lead in a Comedy....

5:39 - YES!

5:44 - Edie Falco (NURSE JACKIE) for best Lead Actress in a Comedy.  That was a surprise.  She's a great actress though, terribly terrific.

5:47 - I'm going to check out of the reality bit.  Such crap, we should not be rewarding this 'genre.'

5:58 - God this past season of DEXTER was amazing.  John Lithgow was phenomenal.

6:02 - "Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency" is my absolute favorite MAD MEN episode ever. I want it to win.

6:02 - MAD MEN is so very, very good.  Two extremely good contenders for episodes.  Though I'm utterly shocked BREAKING BAD didn't even get a nomination because that show is superbly crafted.

6:04 - FUCKING YES AARON PAUL for best supporting actor!!! BREAKING BAD FTW!

6:11 - Wow Archie Penjabi! (Best Supporting Actress)  I really like her in THE GOOD WIFE.

6:13 - I have to go Bryan Cranston for Best Actor in a Drama...

6:13 - FUCK YEAH BREAKING BAD! :D :D :D  Bryan Cranston is a revelation as an actor.  So very good, Mr. Walter White.

6:22 - BREAKING BAD's Michelle MacLaren should win for directing.  She is beyond amazing.  Her landscapes are beyond reproach.

6:22 - However, I cannot hate on DEXTER.  But still, BREAKING BAD is better.

6:33 - I have no real feelings on best actress in a drama series.

6:35 - Stephen Colbert, still justifying South Carolina's continued existence.

6:41 - The Tonys won an Emmy.  This makes me giggle.

6:48 - I do not find Ricky Gervias that funny--at least he's not doing his "I'm a fat man" shtick.

6:52 - Daily Show v Colbert Report.  Why is Celebrity Death Match no longer on?

6:53 - Woo Daily Show!!  Keep fighting the good fight, JStew!

7:08 - What...just happened there?  (RE: John Krasinski and January Jones)  Worst presenters of the show??

7:16 - David Strathairn beat Patrick Stewart for best actor in a mini-series?  Captain Picard will sic Q on you!

7:23 - BP, you are not getting me on your side.  You can post as many ads as you want, but you BROKE THE OCEAN.

7:30 - Glad to see TEMPLE GRANDIN getting recognition.  We need more positive depictions of conditions like Autism.  Too much stigma and misunderstanding still exists.

7:36 - Alexander Skarsgaard over what's-his-name any day.

7:37 - Yay Temple Grandin (best director for a mini-series.)

7:39 - Al Pachino wins best male lead in a mini-series for YOU DON'T KNOW JACK. Cue resurgence of the "it's easier to portray a live person" debate.

7:40 - Ha, Pachino just tried to distance himself from the whole "getting into the character's head" deal since his character performed mercy killings for terminally ill patients.  Nice save, buddy.

7:47 - No one is shocked THE PACIFIC won best "long form."

7:49 - This award approved by TEMPLE Grandin and her awesome cowgirl outfit.  (I mean this sincerely.)


7:52 - I'm not surprised MAD MEN won (Best Drama Series).  I love it.  But BREAKING BAD is the better show.

7:57 - YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES YES! Go Modern Family!! (Best Comedy Series)

8:00 - On the dot!  Not a bad broadcast.  Props.