Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Women in Film

I got to attend this great forum set up by Women in Film over the weekend. There were some great panels and topics, as well as an amazing attendance gift: portable Ipod speakers. AWESOME.

But the coolest thing was I got to talk to Jennifer Coolidge (of Bend and Snap! fame).She's super cool, and very funny. She has kind of a husky voice, but she does her trademark voices when she's making a point--especially if it's about something ridiculous. She was really impressed with me and my two friends for going to UCLA to study producing. She was very supportive and even excited that we had such an opportunity to do that, and said she was really rooting for us to take the industry by storm. She was on a panel that was talking about an article some himbo wrote that said women aren't funny, and women's humor isn't funny. I think she and the other panelists totally debunked that myth. But it was awesome to get to meet her and talk to her. She's a very very neat individual, and REALLY tall!

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