Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hollywood and Media Outlets, A Word

Regarding reports that Amanda Seyfried is holding out for 7.5 million to due Mamma Mia! 2, I have something to say. (Other than the first movie was so bad I can't imagine the train wreck the sequel will be.)

She is not worth $7.5 million dollars.

She will NEVER be worth $7.5 million--she's not that good an actor, and she doesn't have the charisma to be a movie star.

She could have a pretty good career and make more than enough money to keep herself and whatever family/ies she has in the future comfortable.

Today, I read this:
“Amanda’s developing a reputation as an actress who is very ambitious when it comes to money and credit. She really hides behind her good-girl image.” -National Enquirer**
There is nothing wrong with ambition. There is nothing wrong with trying to eek out as many credits as you can. In Hollywood, everyone is trying to get more money because it means you can ask for more on your next project. Credits that one can look up on IMdB make investors and studios feel better for hiring you. Even if you don't deserve them and don't do anything to deserve them--we like to call such people "bullshit producers"--for some reason, the People Upstairs think you're awesome. Everyone in Hollywood wants a screen credit and more money. Men, women, midgets, trained ponies, chimpanzees, turtles, ghosts--they all want it.

Wanting and actively working for these these things does not make a woman a "bad-girl." I makes her business-savvy and ambitious.

NOT wanting/asking for these things doesn't make a woman a "good-girl." I DOES make her passive and unambitious and buying into a system that constantly belittles and criticizes women who are trying to be cutthroat in a cutthroat industry.

It's one thing to say holding out for an exorbitant--and undeserved--fee is career suicide. It's another to trot out that kind of bullshit.  Bad form, National Enquirer.  And bad for to the various media outlets that are reposting this line and mode of thought.

**I know, I know. It's the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Still, this is pretty text book when it comes to women being aggressive in their business dealings.  The same wording pops up in legitimate news sources all the time.  Unfortunately.

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