Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brenda and the No Good Very Bad Driving Skillz: Une

Adventures in Driving Part 3

So about a month ago, I innocently went about my business. I did my school work, brushed my hair, went to Ralph's, got hit in the parking lot. You know, a normal day. So after getting upset about the giant black spot on my car, I realized the tiny little white thing on my windshield was a note. Well, awesome! Points for this person for actually leaving a note. So I call Brenda that night. I'm very understanding; these things happen. We agree not to go through insurance and I'd call her back with an estimate.

So about a week later, I swing by this body shop. It's going to cost about $700. Yikes, but not worth it for insurance rates to go up, yeah? So I call up my good friend Brenda and leave a message asking her to call. A few days go by with no communication, so I call again right before I leave for the East. Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. It's been a month now.

So somewhere down the line I realize...wait, she totally wrote me the note on a business card! I know where she works! So I conjure up this GREAT plan to ambush her and make her feel like a horrible human being for not being a decent human being. Here's how is was going to go:

I was going to call ahead and get a fake appointment under a fake name at this Silver Nails type place.
Then I'd go to her place of work. I'd be friendly, upbeat, nice, killing her with kindness...before springing my trap.
She'd go a little pale, a little in awe of my mad detective skillz, and try to be a little rude about it before capitulating to my righteousness and either cut me a check for the money right then or give me her insurance info, whichever route she wanted to do.
I was going to be awesomely badass.

Except she didn't work there. But, hearkening back to those mad detective skillz, I found her in the yellow pages so I'm calling her house sometime tonight. If she's uncooperative, we'll go to dep-con 4.

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