Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun with Internships

So there's this Assistant here at CC who I like. A lot. (Note that by like I mean he's awesome and fun to be around. Not the 'let's make BABIES kind of like.) We joke around all the time, and I mock him and he tries to mock me back but his mocking needs serious work. But we've started trading these great e-mails. I've decided to share the last few of them. One thing to note...we have a running argument about the merits of Star Wars: Episode 1-3

From: Alex
To: Peter

Paradoxical things:
Military intelligence
kind of pregnant
naturally artificial
peter's brain
anarchy rules
hasten slowly
good grief

From: Peter
To: Alex

Things that are awesome:

Old & new Star Wars movies

Dallas, Texas

Pete S.


Things that are lame:

New Indiana Jones movies

The south

Alex C.


From: Alex
To: Peter

The Association of Bad Taste, Inc just sent me an e-mail.

FWD MESSAGE-------------------------------------------------

To: Alex "I Wanna Be Like Her" C.
Subject: Searching for our Prez

Hello, as you know we here at the Association of Bad Taste, Inc. has as its president the member with the most aggressively bad taste. Yesterday, the Minister of Plaid Couches reported that our President, Peter S., went missing. There was a rumor that he was beginning to understand how bad Episodes 1-3 were, but we steadfastly refuse to believe that President Peter could ever develop anything approximating 'good taste' or 'discriminating judgment.' We hear you work with him, any updates on his whereabouts? And I apologize for any offense the background of this e-mail may give; I'm told the majority of the people out there think dead babies on spikes aren't funny (but the President Pete LOVES my background, so...).

Word to your Mom,

Lemonjello Shithead Tallywacker, the First
Assisting Bad Taste Everywhere

[background images removed: error code 00805 distasteful]

From: Peter
To: Alex

That’s so crazy, because strangely enough, Monika sent this email to me a little earlier today:

From: Z, Monika
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 1:07 PM
To: S, Peter - Comedy Central;
Cc: Sharp, Jim
Subject: The interns

Hey Pete,

So I was wondering if you could give me your assessment of this semester’s interns. I’m always so unsure of how they’ll work out, it’s always good knowing what a bright, intelligent and striking fellow such as yourself thinks. I think I did pretty good hiring Holly and Allison, and the new guy Joe seems to be pretty good, but I admit to striking out with Luke, and ESPECIALLY with that Alex girl. I’m not sure what the hell I was thinking. I tried to fire her, but she threatened to drop a piano on my head, so I quickly told her I was just kidding. I think she bought it, but I still walk around outside paranoid, constantly looking upward. Do you think I should write a company-wide email apologizing for the horrific hire? Let me know, you have such a beautiful mind. Just like Russell Crowe.



(Note: Monika is the intern boss)

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