Friday, March 28, 2008

Sophia and Blanch Go to Another Bar

Continuing with Sophia and Blanch's exploits in bar, the same group from the previous post, minus Adam, went to Cabo's Cantina in Santa Monica. Drinks and food, nummy goodness.

Now, I don't normally go for the 'dumb blonde' stereotype, but I'm starting to reconsider the 'dumb blonde Californian' stereotype (that applies to both girls and boys, btw). We order food and drinks and every thing's awesome, except Sophia's toquitos ended up in her purse. But we were really cool about it, the serving guy went and got her new ones AND gave her purse a rather through cleaning. Plus, it's just too much effort to get mad about something minor. But we're doing good, except our waitress disappears. Well, not so much disappears as just ignores us. We had to flag her down to get another round of drinks, and then to get our check. And I mean, laid in wait to find her.

So she FINALLY brought us our check. Three cheers for that ordeal. At that point, I'm pretty much settled on a 10% tip for the non-service. So basically what happens is we all turned in our checks with tip included, but you can't actually charge more than the worth of the bill, so Sophia and Thibault's checks were less than ours; they just picked up what we would have paid in tips and it all evened out. We all paid 10%, which was $8. Well, on my check I wrote 'cash' on the tip line. So we're all almost ready to go when blond bimbo walks up with our bills (amazingly enough, when there's money on the line she's on top of things and we don't have to send out a search party).
Blonde Bimbo: So, I just wanted to check with you guys, you're leaving 8 dollars on 80?
Us: ...
BB: Because I can only put the cost of the bill through the machine, and your total was more than that. So...8 on 80? (We're apparently ignoring the fact that the total of the was STILL a 10% tip.)
US: Yeah, we know. We'd added tips to our total, but we took care of it by having those two add our tips to their bills.
BB: No, what I'm saying is that I couldn't add the full amount you wanted to pay on this, and this is 8 on 80.
Me: Yes, we know, I'm paying my tip in cash, it says so on the tip line. (Blatant lie, but I wanted her to GO AWAY.)
BB: Right, but this is 8 on 80. Is that what you meant to do?
Me: Yes. We know exactly what we did, thanks.
BB: ...OK.
So we finally escape. I was actually considering leaving a little more of a tip, because I'd have felt a little bad despite the uber bad service, but that pretty much clenched it. No extra for you, you actually don't really deserve 10% after that. So we're waiting in the line for Thibault to get his car, when I see over everyone's shoulder our waitress walk up into the door.

BB: Thanks guys, thanks for everything!

So yeah, Blanch and Sophia are officially done and not feeling guilty about that whole incident.

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