Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sophia and Blanch Go to a Bar

It's spring break, my friends Jon (of college) and Thibault (of Paris host family) are in town. So we had a great time wandering around Santa Monica and Venice. We walked along the canals, the Venice pier and of course the beach. I also introduced Jon to the wonders of In-N-Out Burgers. So after we meet up with Thibault at Venice, we stop for some food and a drink at this beach side restaurant, then decide to go out. We end up at this hole-in-the-wall bar that doesn't even have a sign out front. My friends Adam and Allison also show up.

It's just your average night out...UNTIL.

Allison is special. She had guys lining up to talk to her. Literally. When one guy vacates, another is right there to fill in. So after guy number two, this Polish guy starts chatting her up. I see him touching her rather...friendly, and step in to talk to her. The guy starts grabbing her around the waist and sort of goosing her. Not classy (though still mostly innocent). Then his short, really drunk friend shows up. He talks to Allison for a while, who introduces herself as...Allison. Well, you may wonder why I'm making a point of saying that. It's because he starts calling her Sophie/Sophia. No idea where that one came from. But I know that he's just...doing it. For no reason. So when his friend makes it apparent that Allison is his, he moves on to me.

The guy pops up and asks me to dance. I'm sitting there going...I dunno dude. So he starts asking me, trying to plead his case. I make him demonstrate his smooth moves and rhythm (of which he only had a little), and the song ends. He also assumes that Adam, who's standing next to me, is my boyfriend. But he still wants to dance with me anyways. But I say, "No, my boyfriend's kind of jealous." He grins and says, "We'll make sure he isn't jealous." I give him a Look and say, "No, I don't think so. He's like, scary jealous. Border-line violent, like almost going to jail violent." He's STILL undeterred.

Since he's so persistent, so I finally give him a chance...as long as he can convince my three chaperons to agree. So he immediately moves over to Adam to convince him to let us dance. They chat for a few minutes, and finally he moves on to Thibault. Adam comes up to me and in a small voice asks, "Um, what was the right answer?" I naturally start cracking up, because the correct answer is there is no correct answer but to just keep messing with his head.

The next thing I know, Thibault is walking away from the guy saying, "No. I will not!" and trying to catch his breath in between gales of laughter. Allison decides that if she has to be Sophia, I get to be Blanch. So when The Dude gets done with Jon, who doesn't so much answer as say, "You can ask her, but don't be surprised by the answer...", he comes up to me and starts asking to dance with me again. So I relent and tell him I'll dance with him...if he can tell me what my name is. So this starts another round of polling my chaperons, and he comes up with neither my real name, nor my fake name. And he starts apologizing for not remembering my name from...yesterday? Apparently, we met when we were checking in at a hotel, and Sophie was with me and three of my other friends were with us, and we all chatted and introduced ourselves.

At that point, we decided it was time to go to bed. So we left the Polish guy and the tiny persistent dude in the bar to sleep and prepare for our next adventure.

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