Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Had to Share...

So my mom called me up yesterday asking if she should go see a movie called 'Doomsday.' And I went...Really mom? You think you're going to enjoy a movie called DOOMSDAY? But I went onto IMDb because I've seen ads for this movie and haven't been able to figure out what the hell it's about (other than it's about Doomsday and, obviously, when it's the end of the world we all go Goth Punk because...well, it's way cooler to live in a post apocalyptic world as a Goth than as a human being struggling for survival AND fashion sense.)

Here's what one enlightened viewer had to say about it:

Full of Action and Blood

This movie was one of my favorite movies of 2008 so far. (We're what, three months into 2008?) This movie reminded me of so many other movies. (That's always a good, original thing) For example: Resident Evil, Stardust, and 28 weeks later. (What the hell is STARDUST doing on that list?) The plot of Doomsday is that a wall is separating the zombies and the non infected people. Except the non infected people are crazy. (Best. Plot. EVER.) The main characters are brave which makes the movie a little more enjoyable. ( wasn't a little more enjoyable without your brave heroes? If your heroes were in fact not brave, what would you have done?) There is a big car chase scene in this movie which had some pretty cool deaths. (AWESOME, I'm sold. Yay death hooray death.) Doomsday is more about people that eat other people than zombies eating people. (Um...yummy? Brunch?) They could make a video game out of this movie. (That's how I judge if it's a good movie too.) 10/10 for the good graphics, blood, and action! (MORON.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Alex--Colleen and I have fallen behind in your posts, so we're catching up Friday afternoon. You post about your mom and Doomsday reminded me that I finally saw Eddie Izzard talking about "Cake, Tea, or Death" and couldn't stop laughing...oh well, not sure how your post reminded me of this but, I choose tea.
Heather @wfu