Monday, April 5, 2010

Cake v Pie: The Final Four!

This weekend’s Pie v Cake matches featured tears, cheers, and upsets!

#3 Red Velvet Cake left a trail of red all over the court as it took down #2 Ice Cream Cake by precisely 200 votes.

Even more shockingly, #4 German Chocolate Cake knocked out the #1 seed, Birthday Cake—also a squeaker, coming down to a matter of 250-odd votes.

 Red Velvet and German Chocolate will ascend to the Final Four, guaranteeing that the championship match will not feature a #1 seed and demonstrating to us all that the universe is not set in stone.  (And that Red Velvet is awesome in spite of all the naysayers that had it out in the first round.  Koth.)

Over in the Pie Conference, the pie-loving public was forced to look deep inside themselves and listen to their soul, making the tough decision to vote #1 Apple the winner over the nostalgic favorite #4 Pumpkin Pie.

And in what was a less-close match (some might call it a massacre of epic proportions), #2 Cheesecake won over #3Key Lime.

And now, the Conference Finals — a conference champion will emerge from the field of its peers, and will move on to fight for the ultimate honor.

This is...the Final Four.
#3 Red Velvet Cake squares off against #4 German Chocolate
#1 Apple Pie looks deep into the eyes of #2 Cheesecake

The future is wide open.

Godspeed, sugary friends.  It all comes down to this.

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