Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cake v Pie: Sweet Sixteen Results

Behold!  From 32 desserts we have whittled down the competition to Eight.  It was a fierce battle filled with sugar, icing and crumbs flying everywhere.

Birthday and Apple are still turning out strong support.  Neither Pound Cake nor Pecan Pie could muster up enough supporters to take down their respective #1 seeds.

In the Pie conference Boston Cream got, well, creamed by heavy-hitter Pumpkin.

And it was no cakewalk for German Chocolate—it just barely beat Coffee to advance to the next round.  Will it prevail over Birthday Cake next round?  Reply hazy, try again.

Wedding Cake lost at the blood-red hands of Red Velvet.  Not a pretty sight.

Key Lime Pie, meanwhile, made a pulpy blue mess of fallen favorite Blueberry.  A moment of silence, please.

Moving on, 2-seed Ice Cream froze out its competition Carrot Cake.  No love lost there!

And in the final Pie Conference match-up, Cheesecake handily took down 10-seed underdog French Silk, which just couldn’t rally after its surprising defeat of fan favorite Cherry Pie.

And so in this brutal competition for Dessert Supremacy, we are down to Eight.

Next week in Cake, it’s by the books:

1 seed Birthday Cake takes on 4 seed German Chocolate
3 seed Red Velvet is up against 2 seed Ice Cream

In Pie, all the top seeds made it too:

#1 Apple goes against seasonal heavyweight #4 Pumpkin
#3 Key Lime pits its regional flavor against #2 Cheesecake

This is, folks.  Time to batten the hatches and prepare for a storm of sugar, because it’s about to get ugly out there!

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